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Cell is the diobolicle creature created by Dr.Gero. He was created by a master computer in Dr.Gero's lab's basement.The most dangerous of all Dr. Gero's creations, Cell, was created in Dr. Gero's lab as a genetic experiment. He comes complete with a self-destruct feature, a scorpion-like tail that opens up to absorb the energy of his opponents, and instructions to wreak revenge on the Androids which caused Dr. Gero's downfall. Cell contains the DNA of the mightiest warriors of the universe including Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta. Possessing the DNA of these great warriors, Cell is able to fight with their attacks. With these great forces combined Cell is an almost invincible being

One of his greatest advantages is being able to regenerate himself at any given time from even the smallest component of himself. We discover this in Dragon Ball Z when the good guys believe Cell is destroyed, only to find out that a brain cell has survived. From this cell, Cell regenerates himself and appears out of nowhere once again threatening Earth. One of Cell's only weak points is that his energy is finite. He gains power by draining the energy of his enemies using his scorpion-like tail to do so. Cell has three forms: the imperfect form in which we first see him, the second stage of Cell, and the final or Perfect Cell. He reaches Cell Stage Two after absorbing Android 17. When Android 18 is consumed, Cell changes into his third and most powerful form: Perfect Cell. Cell can and does create smaller versions of himself.

Dr.Gero Programs this computer to carry on the work to create cell even after Dr.Gero is dead. But Cell took a long time to form and was atlast unleashed. He looks like an insect and goes after people and absorbs them as he requires their biological energy.Soon, imperfect cell is born. But to his surprise in his timeline all the z fighters were killed and even the androids were killed by Trunks. But Cell needs Andoid #17 and #18 to attain perfection. SO he kills Trunks and steals his Time machine and comes to the present. But Cell was forced to be reduced to his larvae form again to fit into the time machine. So he came to earth and absorbed all the people whom he found on his way and atlast was able to walk on his feet again. He then Absorbs android # 17 and android #18. And to earth's Horror Perfect Cell is born and he is upto no good.

Cells history: Larvae form: This is Cell's first form. This is how he came out of his chamber. He absorbs people only through this form to attain his imperfect form. But he was forced to reduce to this form again to enter Trunks's Time Machine. He looks very ugly and like an insect.Cell, after three years reaches imperfection again and sheds his skin. This skin is found by Gohan, Trunks and Bulma.

Imperfect cell: This is cell that is born after absorbing all the biologocal energy. This is when he reveals all his secrets to Picollo. Picollo now fused with Kami proves to be even stronger than cell. but Cell runs away in the middle of the battle using a solar flare and goes after more people for their energy to get even stronger. Then he returns to the battle field where Picollo and Android # 17 are fighting. But now Cell even stronger and picollo weaker due to the battle with 17 Cell beats Picollo.But, 16 proves to be equal to cell and a battle begins. But Cell cheats and absorbs 17 from behind who had lost his guard and reaches another form

Imperfect cell + android #17: This is Cell's second stage. He becomes very strong in this stage. But with Picollo down and android 16 hurt there is no one to fight cell. But Trunks and Vegeta come at the right time. They complete their training in the hyperbolic time chamber and have come to fight cell.Vegeta puts up a really good fight and cell goes down and when Vegeta is about to kill cell, Cell asks Vegeta to give him time to absorb android 18. Vegeta agrees and Cell searches for 18 and finds her. Nut trunks comes in the middle and stops cell. But cell uses his solarflare and absorbs 18 and at long last Cell is perfect.

Perfect Cell: This is cell's ultimate form. The form reached after absorbing 17 and 18. Cell gets very strong and even Vegeta is said to be nothing compared to cell. All the z fighters went down one by one.It was a time of terror on planet earth. But Cell gives a chance to the warriors and says a tournament would be held in 10 days. So all the z warriors prepare themselves for the battle. First up, Goku fights Cell. They prove to be equal in strenghth in the beginning, but later cell becomes stronger and Goku forfeits the match and Gohan starts to fight Cell.Gohan is nowhere near Cell's power. But Cell destroys Android 16 and Gohan gets really pissed off and becomes USSJ. Gohan then proves to be more powerful than cell. Gohan even makes Cell spit out 18. Now Cell becomes nothing compared to Gohan, so he decides to selfdestrust himself with the planet earth. Goku gets shocked. Without any other choice Goku teleports Cell to king kais planet and cell selfdestructs there and thats the end of goku and cell.
But no! Whats happening Cell has returned. And now with super strength. He has even killed Trunks.

Super Perfect Cell: Cell explains after that how he has returned. Only one brain cell remained after he self-destructed. And with that he regenerated and brought back to life. Earths special forces were shocked. Cell has now returned stronger than ever. Vegeta gets really pissed off after Trunks' death and shoots lots of ki blasts at cell. But it does'nt do anything to cell.Gohan then takes Vegeta's place and a huge battle begins. Then cell uses a huge KAMEHAMEHA wave and to counter the attack, even Gohan uses a kamehameha. with the help of all the other z fighters, Cell was at last put to rest.


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