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Dead Zone
The movie starts out with Gohan being kidnapped by mysterious fighters. And to make the times even worse the evil Garlic Jr is on his way to gather the Dragonballs so that he will be able to wish for immortality. The reason he wants to become immortal is to complete his revenge for the death of his father. Goku finally finding out that his son was kidnapped goes and tries to find Garlic Jr and finds himself at a fortress were Garlic Jr has summoned the Eternal Dragon already. And wishes himself to be immortal. With Goku, PIccolo, and Krillin all fighting they are still no match for Garlic Jr. Then during the battle Garlic makes an opening to the Dead Zone were their exist nothing. Just then Gohan starts to show some of his hidden powers...



The World's Strongest
All because of the Dragonballs and the dedicated assistant Dr. Kochin Dr. Wheelo was freed from the frozen ice that he has been stuck in for many years. With
Wheelo finally freed from the ice these scientist put there evil minds together to work on their biotechnology. Although it may all seem well an good for the evil scientists, Dr. Whello's body has already died out and his brain is living in a glass jar. Dr. Wheelo wants the strongest warrior on the planet to place his brain in that body. Dr. Kochin and his minions of androids go out and get Piccolo and Master Roshi to see who is the strongest warrior. Goku, Krillin and Gohan go to rescue there fellow Z warriors. Even so Dr. Whello's henchman have more than equal power to the warriors. And since Wheelo already has control of Piccolo he will now target Goku...


The Tree of Might

A group of space pirates led by a Saiyan called Turles planted a seed from the Tree of might on Earth. This seed sucks all the life energy from the Earth and turns the land into pure wasteland were nothing that lives can survive. And even with the combined power of Goku and the other Z warriors they can't destroy the Tree of Might. With this the pirates attack our fighters and Turles is able to kidnap Gohan. Later on when a piece of fruit from the tree is ready Turles takes a bite and becomes far stronger than Goku is. Trules starts beating on Goku and the match looks completely hopeless. What will happen to our hero's now...




Lord Slug
With a giant asteroid fastly coming toward Earth it seems to be an end to the Earth. Although the Earth still has it 's Z Warriors to help out and they are successful on barley deflecting the course of the giant asteroid. And the Earth looks saved but it wasn't going to be as easy as they thought it would. Just when they thought it was over a vessel appears on the surface and reveals a new enemy. It is Lord Slug a super powerful Namekian and his group of thugs, that take the national resouces on Earth for their own. There main reasons were to wipe out the entire Human race! With all this happening Lord Slug finds the Dragonballs and the Earth seems to be in an uninevidable doom. Can Goku and the others stop Lord Slug from taking over the universe...


Cooler's Revenge
After the huge battle with Frieza Goku and the others finally are able to get home and take a rest from saving the world or will they? So when they are finally home some of our fighters and friends decide to go on a camping trip. Although during the middle of the trip while in the forest a horrible forest fire starts. Gohan and Krillin easily put it out. Even after saving all the animals from the flames the forest still looks completely destroyed. So when it all looks bad all they must do is call upon the eternal dragon and wish the forest back to the way it was before. And that's exactly what they do. Right after the forest is restored an evil new force appears and start beating on are fighters. The band of evil fighters is with their leader. Cooler the brother of Frieza, who wants revenge for his brothers death and he quickly shows he'll do anything to get it even destroy the Earth. Finally after a long battle Cooler is ready to use the same attack that Frieza did to destroy Namek. While the attack is ready to be unleashed upon the Earth Goku taps into his ultimate power. He becomes a Super Saiyan. What will happen to the Earth now...

Return of Cooler
With the old Namek being destroyed by Frieza the Nameks found a new home almost similar to old Namek. One day on peaceful Namek a large shadow came over the planet. It was the Big Gete Star the planet that sustains itself by devouring other planets and is made of pure metal. Dende knowing what was going on asked the only people he knew could help. Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters. Goku and the rest of the guys go to new Namek to try and help the hurting planet. When they get to Namek they find that all the people of Namek are being ensalved by Cyclopean Guards. A battle starts quickly and these guards aren't too hard to take down. Although waiting in the wings is Cooler. The brother of Frieza and the one that Goku had already killed or so they thought. Now what will happen to Goku and the others...


Super Android 13
It's a very normal day on the Earth when explosions ring out horribly and it can only mean terror is out there. And just as Goku realises this is happening he also notices he is the target of the attack. However who are these people that are attacking him? And why are they attacking him? Finally Goku notices something and it's that even though the fighters are very strong they are not sending out an energy signal. Which can only mean that they are Androids. With Gero dead and out of the picture who can be beihnd these savage beasts. It just so happens that Gero built a computer before he was killed to build a couple other Androids to assure himof his revenge on Goku. With two Androids already in their way they must still deal with another. It is Android 13 and he only wants Goku. Will are fighters be able to beat the 3 Andoids and what dark secrets lerk with this batch of Androids...

Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan
As some of Warriors are having a picnic in the country Goku is stuck with Chi Chi. Right in the middle of the picnic while Krillin is singing a small shadow begins to form and it's a spaceship. A man get's off the ship it is Paragus a Saiyan who has made a new planet Vegeta and want the prince of all Saiyans to be the ruler of this planet so that the Saiyans can show their strength once again. Vegeta agrees to go and they immediatly take off and coming along are some of the other warriors as well. When they finally arrive there Paragus introduces Vegeta to Broly his only son. And just then foot soldier comes to report that the Super Saiyan has appeared on planet Todocama. Vegeta wants to go and find this Super Saiyan and destroy him, he takes Broly with him. Gohan, Trunks and Krillin are just browsing the planet when they notice there's just run down buildings and wasteland that they thought were cites from space. And that's when they notice there are little people doing slaves work. This is finally when Goku appears on the planet. And when Vegeta and Broly come back Goku is in a hallway and when Broly is passing Goku he becomes very angry and is barely held by his father. That night while Goku is sleeping Broly wakes and attacks Goku. They have a short battle when Paragus comes to control him and that's the end of that. Although Goku realises that Broly is the one with the energy he was following. Vegeta confronts Paragus about Broly being the Super Saiyan but he qiuckly denies this and then Trunks comes to tell Vegeta the planet is completely messed up. Just then Paragus admits it and Broly starts again to become angry towards Goku and in a huge rage shows his true power the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan. Now that his father can not control him it's going to be an all out battle. Vegeta becomes very angry that Broly is going after Goku and gives him a hard kick that doesn't even phase him. Vegeta quickly realises it's hopeless and that Broly will kill them all. Unless Goku has anything to say about that...

Bojack Unbound
The world famous millionaire known as Excess Cash is holding a tournament for his son. The tournament starts out with the freestyle battles which are easily won by Gohan, Trunks, Krillin and an unknown sumo fighter. Piccolo joins the tournament until he realises it's weak and leaves. As only four are left standing they all must go to different fighting zones through underground tunnels and battle with fighters from across the galaxy. Although it will not happen quite as planned. These so called fighters are not the same one's that were pre-assigned to the zones. They are actually different fighters, much stronger fighters than the first one's. As the battles start ther is complete intesity in all battles except one. The battle with the sumo fighter is fast and he is killed to the dismay of the crowd and all are in complete shock back at the stadium. As the rest of the battles start to slow when the fighters start to become tired and beaten, Boajck appears he is a very strong fighter who was trapped in a star by the four kai's until Goku destroyed King Kai's planet and then he was released. Now he ready to start his plot for revenge and the first planet is planet Earth. When Trunks and Krillin are beaten Gohan finally see's Bojack and just in time Tien and Yamcha arrive to help but are quickly delt with by Bojacks lackey's.This angers Gohan and he powers up to SSJ and the fighting begins with the weaker fighters and Gohan seems to be easily beaten and goes back to base form. Then Bojack releases a large energy blast that's headed straight for Gohan until Piccolo redirects it. When piccolo is done Trunks joins in again and has a good battle until the lackey's use a technique to hold Trunks in place. And just when one's of them throws a sharp object headed straight for Trunks a sword appears and hits the sharp object. It's Trunks sword and Vegeta was the savior this time and right after Vegeta fires a large energy blast at the two fighters holding Trunks. As always Vegeta want's to fight the best fighter so he goes straight after Bojack and is having no luck and is quickly dealt with as well as Trunks. Gohan is now held down with that technique and all hope seems to be lost as Bojack beats on Gohan almost to death. Goku knowing what's going on is hurting aswell and decides even against the wishes of King Kai that he will go to Earth and help Gohan. He uses instant transmission to get there and immedietly punches Bojack in the face and quickly takes Gohan into his arms and tells him to unleash his true power. Gohan does what he is told and becomes a SSJ2. Now will Gohan have enough or will Bojack be too much...

History Of Trunks
Goku's life is ended by a radical new virus that attacks the heart and all of his friends are saddened by the loss even Vegeta. Althought there is no time for sorrow as two monsterous Androids are unleashed upon the Earth. They are killing machines and prove to be much stronger than the rest of the Z Fighters. They first start off with Piccolo and start to nail the rest and one by one only Gohan is left to fight. As the years pass Trunks the son of Bulma and Vegeta grows and begins to train under Gohan. Trunks and Gohan hate the Androids very much and every chance they get feel they should try to help and battle the duo although every time they come out the losers. Gohan already being a Super Saiyan try's to teach Trunks but just like his father Trunks has a little bit of a hard time becoming Super Saiyan. A day starts as people are enjoying their day at an amusment park when the Androids wanna join in on the fun on a roller coaster but already had a turn and feel like taking another spin but the person who is running the ride want's them to get off but instead of getting off they destroy the man and the people around him. The Androids go to another ride right after and Gohan and Trunks appear to do battle. Immediately Gohan and 17 go at it and Gohan goes SSJ and start's punching 17 but very quicly the match is done. Trunks enters a battle with 18 and is worked throughout. Gohan needing to help Trunks takes a blast right in the back and makes a run for it and hides behind a wall. So since 17 can't find them he does the next best thing and that is launching a huge blast and then another. That one get's Gohan but he still doesn't come out. Gohan loses his arm in the blast but uses a senzu bean to reheal Trunks. Trunks takes Gohan to his home and they get him in bed. When Gohan get's well he and Trunks return to there training but Trunks is still unable to go SSJ. One day when Trunks and Gohan are done training and just relaxing two blasts come out of nowhere. Gohan wants to help and doesn't want Trunks to help him out because he doesn't want anything to happen to him. After Trunks insists that he must go because he can help too Gohan agrees. Right when Trunks truns his back his is hit by Gohan right in the neck with a chop and goes unconsious. Gohan goes down to the battle site and immediately hits 17 with a kick to the face. Gohan is doubled up very quickly and is taking the beating of his life from the viscious Androids. As the rain begins to fall the two Androids start a assault on Gohan and drop him onto another building where the two Androids finish off Gohan with a pile of blasts. Gohan is dead just like his dad now and Trunks is the first one to see him. Trunks goes into a huge rage and finally goes SSJ. Three years later Bulma is working on her time machine when Trunks comes in and starts giving her a hard time about it. Trunks hears about the Androids being in Bridgetown and gets down there and starts to battle with the pair. The battle goes horrible and he is beaten without much effort from the Androids. Trunks awakes in a bed and only awaits his time so that he can go out and help Goku and the rest of the guys defeat the Androids and give Goku the antidote. Finally the day comes and Trunks leaves for the past...

Bardock Father Of Goku
The full moon is out and the Saiyans all start transforming into there Oazaru stage. They destroy the creatures on that planet except for one who attacks Bardock quickly, then is quickly hit by one of Bardocks friends and when he get's back up he starts to glows a blue aura. He says he gave Bardock phsycic powers so he could see his horrible demise just like they had. Vegeta is shown in a much younger form and has already built up a hate for Frieza. Vegeta requests another mission from Frieza and is granted his wish with another one. While Bardock is healing his four friends go off to complete another task without him. And while in his tank healing he starts to see visions of the future, they are of Goku and of his friend. Immeadietly after waking from his visions he takes off to go meet up with his Saiyan buddies but begins to hear Goku's cries and see's another visions then it ends and he leaves. Upon arriving on the planet he finds Tora almost dead and is told what is going on. Right after telling him that they were set up Tora dies and he sees the others dead aswell. He immeadietly sees the fighters that destroyed his men and they begin to battle. He dispenses with two quickly and then starts to have visions once again about Goku. After their over he blast the other two into dust and that's when Dodoria shows up and gives Bardock a blast to take him out. It put's him down but not out then Dodoria is instructed to leave for Frieza's space ship. Bardock quickly gets up and goes back to planet Vegeta. Goku already being sent to Earth Bardock realises that his visions are real and begins to tell everyone that Frieza will come to destroy planet Vegeta. No one believes him and they all just laugh at him. Bardock goes outside to fight Frieza and starts fighting all the other warriors of Frieza. Knowing Bardock wants him Frieza goes outside to do battle. They finally confront each other. Who will win? And what will happen to planet Vegeta?

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