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Akimichi Chouji
Baika No Jutsu (multi size no jutsu) = This Move Allows Chouji to enlarge his body to great size.
Meat tank = When Chouji has used Baika no jutsu he can shortly thereafter use the meat tank. The meat tank is preformed when Chouji using chakra sticks his Arms, legs and head inside his body so that he forms a ball. Then he can freely roll over anything that comes into his way.

sabaku sousou (Desert Coffin) = Gaara engulfes the opponent in sand he but leaves some space for them to breath.
Sabaku kyuu (Desert Graveyard) = (Used with the dessert coffin) Gaara uses the sand to crush the victims bones, the victim does not have time to feel a lot of pain when this move ''blows em up''.

Demonic ice Mirrors = (Bloodline limited move) This move uses water to create incredible strong ice mirrors, that surronds the opponent(s). Haku uses the mirrors reflections to transport him around at an incredible speed so that he can attack his opponent shiftly from any direction.
Flying water needles = Haku uses water to create ice needles controlled by chakra.

Hatake Kakashi
Chidori = Kakashi uses an tremendlous amount of chakra to make his hand lightening, after that the hand can cut allmost anything.
Kuchiose no jutsu = This summon style is almost same as others, but Kakashi can summon few "ninja-dog". The dogs aren't really special, but they have incredible good scent and they are very fast.

Rasengan = Jiraya forms a ball of spinning chakra in his hand and then strikes it into an opponent.
Underground swamp of the Underworld = Jiraya creates a giant swamp that sinks everything that happens into it.
Kuchiose no jutsu = Allows Jiraya to summon A Giant frog.
Underworld spines = Jiraya turns his hair into a spiky ''shield''.

Yamanaka Ino
Shintenshin no Jutsu, Mind Transfer = Allows Ino to slip into the victims mind and to control his/her body for a while.
Hair Rope = Ino scatters a lot of hair around the opponent, this seems useles but when she lets her chakra flow through the hair it can bind the opponents feet to the ground making them unable to make a move. This technique is good if you are planning to use an other technique that requiers a perfect aim.

Water Clone no Jutsu (mizu bunshin) = Allows Zabuza to create water clones that can attack the enemy thou the only have a tenth strenght compared to the original.
Water Prison = Zabuza creates a ball of water around the foe so that the foe can't move. The weakness to this jutsu is that Zabuza must have one of his hands inside the ball, otherwise the captured person can escape.
Water Dragon Blast no Jutsu = zabuza uses the water to form a dragon that attacks the enemy.
Hidden Mist no Jutsu = zabuza used this jutsu for quick assasinations he creates a very thick mist that only he can navigate in.

Nara Shikamaru
Shadow imitation no jutsu (Kage mane no jutsu) = Shikamaru strentches his shadow and attaches it to the opponent. The foe is forced by the technique do the exact same movements as Shikamaru
Bind neck with shadows (Kage kubi shibari no jutsu) = Shikamaru can use the shadows to choke his victim(s).

Uzumaki Naruto
Kage Bunshin no jutsu (shadow replication no jutsu) = Naruto creates clones of himself that can attack or confuse the oponent but they do not have the same strenght as the original.
Rasengan = Naruto uses Kage Bunshin to create a replication, then the replication forms a ball of spinning chakra into the real Narutos hand who then strikes it into an opponent.
Kuchiose no jutsu = Allows Naruto to summon a Giant or a really pathetic frog.

Inuzuka Kiba & Akamaru
Soutourou, Double-headed Wolf = Kiba & Akamaru use a Combination transformation move and transform into a dangerous two headed wolf who's attacks realy powerfull.
Garouga, Double Wolf Fang = Starts with Akamaru shooting his urine into the nearby enviroment so that they (Akamaru & Kiba) can notice the smell. After that they use the Sotourou (see above) and start spining with an incredible speed so fast that they cannot see where they are spining this is where the smell comes to play. While their smell scent is so good they can smell their way to the opponent, and hit him with an incredible speed.
Juujin Bunshin = Akamaru eats a soldier pill and jumps up on to Kibas back then he transforms into Kiba.
Gatsuuga = Used after the Juujin Bunshin (see above) . Akamaru & Kiba Spin at an fast speed clawing their opponents.

Uchiha Sasuke
Chidori = Sasuke uses an tremendlous amount of chakra concentrated to his hand to make his hand lightening of Chakra, after that the hand can cut allmost anything.
Goukakyuu no Jutsu = Sasuke cosentrates alot of chakra in his hand and his mouth then he blows the chakra as fire at the enemy.
Housenka no Jutsu = Sasuke concenreates chakra into his mouth, and then ''spits'' out many small fireballs out to fly at the enemy.

Rock Lee
Lotus = If you don't know what lotus is it's better that you read through this before Rock Lee's move list!
Inside a human body there are 8 ''Gates'' each gate has it's own important meaning and they stop the body to get under too much preasure.
The main thing in the Lotus is to open the gate(s), but the one using this jutsu should beware because opening a gate can injure the body permanently. Opening all the gates will give you for a moment strenght that even surpasses hokage, but it leads into a certain death.
Konoha Whirlwind = Taijutsu technique where Lee spins with all his strenght and at the same time sends a powerfull kick to the opponent pushing him back.
Initial Lotus, Omote renge = Lee opens the first gate, Initial Gate and therefore he reseives a tremendous boost in strenght and speed. This Lotus combo begins with Lee loosening the bandages he wears around his arms, with his newly assigned speed Lee rushes to the opponent and kick's him high into the air where the bandages bind themself arround the opponent to prepare for the final strike where Lee and the opponent roll at full speed towards the ground. Lee jumps of at the last minute while the opponent crashes into the ground.
Secondary Lotus, Sekandarii Renge = This Lotus is preformed mostly like the Initial lotus but this time Lee openes the second gate: Heal gate, therefore his stamina will increase dramaticly this Lotus continues as the Initial Lotus until Lee and the opponent are in the air. There Lee preforms a dashing combo of kick's. After that he uses the bandages and they roll against the ground again Lee jumping off at the last posible moment.
Primary Lotus, Ura Renge = This lotus is ten times stronger then the ones listed before so it often causes much damgage to the body of the preformer. Lee starts with openining the first four gates (initial,heal,life,harm) opening these gates gives the Lotus an extreme power. It starts as in the previous ones, Lee kicks his opponent high into the air with an unstoppable speed when the opponent is high enough Lee starts kicking him around in the air so fast and powerfull that you can see the shockwave of the kicks. Here Lee openes the fifth gate, Limit gate. And landes a punch strainght into the enemys stomache. And after that the bandages come to play again Lee uses them to draw his opponent near to him and then lands a well aimed kick making the opponent crash hard into the ground.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu = Allows Orochimaru to summon giant snakes that can be very dangerous for their opponents.
Senei Jyashu = Allows Orochimaru to ''shoot'' out two dangerous snakes from hes sleeves to attack the enemy.
Worldly Resurrection = Forbiden Technique. Allows Orochimaru to call dead people back to the world of the living, they will even kill their best friend if the one who summoned them orders to.

Hyuuga Neji
The 64 hands of Hakke = Hyuuga Bloodline limited move. Using his Byakugan Neji sees all the tenketsu. This move is used by striking shiftly 64 of them, when that is done the opponents chakra coil system is shut down preventing them from using chakra.
Heavenly Spin = Hyuuga Bloodline limited move. This jutsu needs extreme timing and skill becouse it is a defencive move that must be used exactly when the opponent is about to land a blow on him. This jutsu is done when Neji expells chakra from all the 64 Chakra openings and spins around on the spot in a fast movement. This makes Neji stop the attack and throw the opponent backwards.

Sarutobi, The sandaime hokage (The Third hokage)
ShikiFuujin = Originally used by the fourth hokage to seal Kyuubi inside Naruto. Sarutobi summons the Death God who att the moment it arrives to the living world get's to eat the summoners soul, even if the summoner will win or lose the battle. When sarutobi has summoned the god behind him he grabs hold of the enemy who he will use this technique on. Then he pulls out the victims soul and the death god will eat it, without a soul the victim and the user will be dead. So this jutsu can be used only once, but on multiple enemies if you use Kage Bunshin No Jutsu.
Kage Bunshin no Shuriken = Sarutobi throws a single shuriken at his opponent(s). But when the shuriken is getting closer to the opponent he uses this jutsu which allows him to clone the shuriken so that it strikes as a large amount of shurikens.
Mudslide Barrier = Sarutobi ''Shoots'' out mud of his mouth in front of him to create a wall of mud. Effective to stop water jutsus

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