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Akamaru is cute dog which is usually with kiba. Also this dog can eat soldier pill and Kiba can transform Akamaru to "another Kiba" by a techinque. Also Akamarus sense of smell is very good, he can remember a person by sniffing him.

Anko is second examiner of second chuunin exam part.
Very funny, and creeppy. When Anko was young, Orochimaru
was her teacher.

Aoi was a jounin of konoha. But then Aoi tricked Idate to bring second Hokage's raijin sword
and forbidden scroll. After that Aoi abandon the leaf village and become to jounin
of hidden rain.

Asuma is one of the jounins, and team #10 leader. Very strong
and good controlling chakra. Also seems to be always smoking.

Choji's teammates are Ino and Shikamaru. Choji's best technique is meal tank.
Its big that rotate to the enemy, this is also useless if enemy can move.
But even so, Choji is eating all the time, and he get mad if someone call him fat.

Dosu is one of Orochimaru's follower, ninja of hidden sound. Dosu has got something very awesome, its hes weapon on his hand. Its special weapon that send "a waves" around enemys ears, and usually the person is feeling "sick" and he/she get earbleed. Even if you try dodge this smack its still gonna take effect. Dosu's teammates are Zaku and Kin and leader is Orochimaru ( at least in chuunin exam ).

Ebisu is "perverted ninja", just like Jiraiya. Ebisu is pretty strong but he
have very big weakness: see naked woman.

Ninja from Hidden Sand Village.Very powerful because he have a monster inside him. Gaara is absolutely better than any of genins, he is at least chuunin level ninja. Gaara have a shield protection of shand which mean that nobody "normal speed" thing cant hurt him. Gaara is really monster, he love blood and killing peoples, even teammates those who are Temari and Kankuro. Also, Gaara is son of Kazekage-sama ( hidden village of sand kage ).

A Jounin sensei to Lee, Tenten and Neji. Lee looks up to him as a role model. Has an ongoing rivalry with Kakashi, so far, 50 wins 49 looses. Gai has teached very forbidden techniques to Lee.

Hayate is one of the examiners. Hes actually second examiner, not very strong but he had very nice sword-combos but hes combos didn't help to stop hes death.
Also this man is coughing, i think he is sick, and badly.

Haku is very strong boy which comes from a powerful bloodline that gives him special abilities: Fast speed. Zabuza found Haku at snow-days when he was young,
and teached to him how to become great ninja.

A shy girl who has a crush on Naruto, though Naruto doesn't seem to notice. Is team member to Kiba and Shino. Hinata is from same bloodline that Neji comes
which mean that Hinata has byakugan but Hinata isn't as skilled as Neji.

Hokage (3rd)
Hes time best ninja in the hidden village of leaf. Third Hokage is know as Sarutobi-sensei He was teacher of three sannin: Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru. But later
Orochimaru killed third because he hated third Hokage.

Hokage (5th)
Fifth hokage is one of the sannins: Tsunade-sama. She are best medicial ninja in konoha and she have inhuman strenght.

Ibiki is special jounin and examiner of chuunin exam. Brother of Idate.

Considers Sakura her rival for Sasuke's love. Sasuke though doesn't seem to give a damn. On the same team as Choji and Shikamaru. Ino's one good technique is mind change. He can hold that person for 5 minutes and then it will automatically cansel. Also, if someone hurt that enemy what Ino has mind changed, Ino get hurted.

A teacher at the Ninja Academy. A Chuunin and the sensei to Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. Iruka is very soft for naruto, because their childhood is almost same.

Kabuto is very strong ninja, and because that hes Orochimaru's right hand. Kabuto's abilitys isn't only techniques, speed or anything-else. Its that he can generate new cells and repair old ones. Kabuto is medical ninja which use soldier pill when hes using medicial-ninja fighting style. at chuunin exam Kabuto acted that he was leaf villages ninja and very weak, but hes really hidden sound's spy ninja.

Mizuki was a ninja of konoha, but he will abandon the village and hes trying to trick Naruto. He will fail and got smacked down by Naruto.

Naruto is head-character of whole Naruto anime. Hes a genin level ninja whose dream is to become Hokage. Naruto has a demon fox inside him but hes not evil like Gaara, hes very funny, creepy, he doesn't really care what he say and he has some pervert mind too.

Orochimaru is very evil character, when he lived in konoha, he was sacrificing genins,chuunins and even anbu-members. Orochimaru is one of the sannins, but hes the strongest one. Orochimaru's techinques are very forbidden and colubrine. He has technique to rescue dead person back to real-world.

Sakura is too ninja of konoha, although not a good one. Sakura is always on battle helping Sasuke and not fighting herself. Sakura doesn't have any "own jutsu" but Shes very good at chakra controlling. Hes teammates are Sasuke and Naruto whose jounin leader is Kakashi. Sakura love Sasuke and he can do anything that Sasuke love him. Sakura is pretty weak if she couldn't be good at chakra controlling.

Sasuke is very strong ninja which come from Uchiha- clan bloodline. Sasuke's special ability is Sharingan, Sharingan is ability which allow to see "through chakra controlling" whatever, also "Sharingan user" can see movements very fast, the person who use Sharingan can be noticed by looking hes/her eyes. Even so, Sasuke isn't good just because of Sharingan, he has many Fire- tecniques and even so Chidori! Sasuke hates naruto and more hes annoying things. Sasuke is living just because to revenge hes brother ( Itachi ) who killed whole Uchiha clan except Sasuke.

Shikamaru is lazy person, which doesn't care about things a lot. Hes teammates are Ino and Choji. Shikamaru's techniques consist in Shadow- technoloqy. Hes genin level ninja which failed the chuunin exam.

Tenten is ninja ( genin ) of konoha. Her fighting style is throwing weapons, to active them she use one/two scroll and throwing weapons will appear from empty. Otherwise Tenten's fighting style got beaten easily by hidden village of sand genin Temari. Even so Tenten is teammate of Lee and Neji whose jounin leader is Gai-Sensei.

Zabuza was very skilled ninja from hidden mist village. hes partner is Haku, which he has trained since he was a little kid. Zabuza has a long sword with him and many techniques. Kakashi killed Zabuza because he would be dangerous to elsewhere.

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